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Neve DeLeon

High Council Members:
Kaleel DeLeon - Alpha Lupine TIGER - Lone Wolf
Darken Rahl - Vengeance of Cana Lester Drake - Whipping Dawg
CzarZero of Endo - 31337 Vegetto - Warrior Mage

Teak - Pack Hunter Kal - Pack Mule
No-One Important - Invisible Pup Catseye Yellow - Know-it-all Lupine
Talon of Edahn - Man at Arms RIchard Cypher - Paw Prints
Onyx Spiral - Vigilante Warrior Mackenzie Reston - Guild Banker
Nokturnl - Honor Knight Onyx Stone - Digs - Alot
Aegis Stormblaze - Guild Button Pusher Carmine
Ethan Edwards Max Miner - GM Iron Wolf
Random - Mediator Rockchucker
SUKHOI - Sea Wolf Greg - Newbie Mage
Ukko - Sabre Stacie Barnes - Mystic Tamer
Kahlan Amnell Ethan Edwards

Honorary Member
Jenner of the WOL Guild