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Top Three Skills
Detecting Hidden

Born in Trinsic to a sailor and a good wife, Teak grew up watching the water wondering what laid across it... when He was older he got a job making maps for the Trinsic mapmaker Budo. As his skill grew he started sitting on the roof of the guard tower looking over the countryside mapping what he could see.. One day while sitting there the sunset somehow he still could see the area enough to finish his map later on he discovered he could reveal things that were once hidden.

When he reached master cartographer he heard that there was Treasure's buried through out the land after questioning Woodman the Elven Legion Treasure Hunter he found out that these chest were locked and trapped so he set out to learn how to gain the riches buried there

Now Teak, though still learning in the ways of treasure hunting, is capable of leading hunts.  Though the fire still burns in him to learn more, he has found that the lockpicks costs money. So he is now hunting to pay for them

One day his name will be inscribed in the tomb of the Grandmasters but that day seems unattainable at this time for his time to practice has been cut short to go out and hunt to make money to buy more picks to practice with.

He has had Help with this Journey through Life... Neve DeLeon has been donating picks for him... Digger gave him a boat to sail to these treasure islands and Jenner the Grand master Bowyer has also help fuel his drive to make this dream come true who else will cross his path to grandeur time will only tell.

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