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Top Three Skills

Not much is known about Mackenzie.  She appeared in Trinsic one day, with no family to speak of.  She found she had no skill to speak of, other than dieing at the hands of others.  She learned to keep everything she owned in the bank, or it would be looted as soon as she turned around.

She met Neve DeLeon one day while walking the streets of Trinsic, trying to make money any way possible.  Neve, being the kind person she is, took Mackenzie in and adopted her as one of the pride.

Today, Mackenzie is the Guild Banker, watching over the funds that the guild has saved up for a house in the future.  Aside from watching over the money of the guild, she also gives Deke a chance to practice his rezzing skills (especially since he normally kills her first!)

How many see Mackenzie (Note Deke rezzing her)

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