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Lester Drake was born in the city of Trinsic and not long afterwards, his parents moved outside the city walls to be in the forest, for his father was a woodsman and his mother loved to tinker. When Lester was young, he loved to watch his mother tinker with wood his father cut and metals
found near the mountains. He did not realize it at the time, but he waslearning a trade from his mother. The day before Lester was 10, his mother helped him fashion a hatchet out of wood and metal, for the next day on his 10th birthday, his father was to take him to the woods for the
first time to learn the woodsman trade (this was a proud day for Lester).  Lester never made it to the woods though with his father, for disaster struck, or rather the undead struck that night. While the Drake household slept The Black Ogre Lord appeared near the Drake household and he called fourth his foul minions to destroy all who were in the area. The door to the Drake house hold was smashed by magic and long dead wizards and warriors came in. Lester's father grabbed his axe and fought the invaders, knowing that he was a dead man, but hoping he gave his son and wife time to escape. Lester's last memory of his father was him standing in the living room swinging his axe and rotten body parts all around him.   Lester did not know how long he and his mother ran through the woods, but finally then came to a cave in which they hid. His mother told Lester, to stay there and for no reason was he to come out of the cave until she returned and if she did not, to wait till daylight and make his way to the city of Trinsic, she would try to find him there. Lester protested, saying he did not want to leave her side and she needed him to protect her. His Mother kissed him on the cheek and said he was a fine protector who would scare The Black Ogre Lord himself. She then used a word that he never heard before and slipped from his mind before he could remember it. Lester woke the next with the sun high in the sky and there was no signs of his mother. Upset that he could of fell asleep like that, when his mother most needed him. Lester left the cave and went to the city of Trinsic, in hopes of finding his parents. Lester spent the next several months camping near the city, hunting to the north during the early morning hours and searching the city for his parents during the mornings and evenings and making clocks before he went to bed. One day a man found Lester's camp and spoke with Lester, the man admired Lester's tinkering skills and introduced himself as Teak. He asked Lester if he would like to work for him making lock picks. Lester immediately answered he did not make thief tools. Teak held up his hands and said
that he was not a thief, but rather a treasure hunter. As Lester thought about this, Teak told him tales of the chest buried around the land and the riches to be had in them. Lester admitted it would be nice to have a warm place to stay out of the weather and it would be nice to have real
money for more then a day. Thus Lester became part of the Silent Wolf Pride.