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Neve DeLeon was born in Trinsic many moons ago, to a warrior and his tailor wife.  In Trinsic, she grew up learning the tools of both trades.  During the week, young Neve would be taught by her mother to sew beautiful gowns and handsome leather armor.  But, her favorite time was on the weekends, when she would go out with her father to the woods surrounding Trinsic and hunt, taking the hides home to sew during the week.

As Neve grew older, she began fighting monsters alongside her father.  Together, they would journey to the dungeons of Britania killing orcs, elementals, and giant serpants.  It was in one such dungeon that she met Alec DeLeon.  She and Alec soon wed and she continued to hunt with him. Together, she and Alec joined the Jannesaries, a guild who built their home outside of Vesper.

She and Alec were married for a few years when one day Alec became missing.  After searching for him for a few years, Neve decided it was time she moved on.  She left the Jannesaries and stopped going to the dungeons. She learned magery from the local mages in Trinsic and took back up her  tailoring.

While in a tailor shop, she met Jason, who was the guildmaster of the Elven Legion.  He asked her to join the guild and she happily did so.  In the EL guild, she met and became friends with many people.  From each person, she learned many things... from Jason, she learned the benifits of offering friendship to many, from Lynn, it was the wish to be an upstanding citizen.

In her journies with the Elven Legion, she met many other people.  One would be the man she is now married to, Kaleel.  The two of them began to hunt together in the same woods that Neve and her father had many years before.  It was there, that they met Digger, a miner turned mage.  After a short time, they decided to go into business together, opening the "Elven Legion General Store" in a small building south of the Dungeon of Wrong.

After a short time, though, Digger decided to go on to bigger and better things, so he gave his share of the shop to Neve and left, promising to visit often. Around the same time, Neve and Kaleel decided to leave the Elven Legion Guild an begin their own. So starts the saga of The Silent Wolf Pride.