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Great Lakes Alliance Laws and Committees

I) Every guild joining the alliance must make declarations

II) Town or other Killings
If someone is town killed or wronged in anyway by a member of the alliance then the two masters of the respective people involved will meet to sort things out. They will agree on a settlement that they are both satisfied with. Each guild will be allowed to handle the one committing the act as to the rules of their guild. If the masters can not agree on a settlement they are both satisfied with, then it will be put to a vote in discussion to settle it. Proof may be required so make sure all members know to use a snapshot program to capture the proof.  Justice committee may be brought in to help resolve the issues.

III) Committees and required service
GLA will have the necessary committees setup to carry out all matters related to the alliance. Each committee must have a chairperson to oversea the activities of the committee

IV) Warring on Separate Stone from Alliance declarations
It is vital that all who are declared in the alliance be declared in peace, and Should not be at war with anyone else on the same stone. The reason for this is simple. If orange = aligned then there cannot exist any so called "enemy’s" orange likewise. For those who choose to go to war with other guilds they should use a separate guild stone to do so. Otherwise members could be accidentally killing members thinking that they are those at war with their guild. 
Orange can only mean one thing, either friend or foe. We cannot function with two meanings.

V)  911 calls 
Should be made only by the GM's in the alliance. The GM making the call should 
be the one to explain the situation clearly to all who show up and give assignments to them. The 
HQ's "tower of dreams" should be the designated place to meet for any distress call and to get 
Instructions and orders on how to proceed. * Note: this has been amended.   
Amended vote reads: 911 calls should be made by the GM's in the alliance when possible, when the guilds gm is not present then those in leadership positions in his guild can make the call. In the event that the gm and other guild leaders are not present then any member may make the call. This procedure should be followed in this order and in all cases. The GM/leader or member making
the call should be the one to explain the situation clearly to all who show up. 
The HQ's "tower of dreams" should be the designated place to meet for any distress call and to get instructions and orders on how to proceed.

VI) Attacking Blue PKs healers, etc.
GLA members have the right to attack blue pks. However, it is also to be respected that others may not wish to take counts for killing blues. If this is the case then those not willing to attack blues will not and cannot be held responsible for not taking part in the killing of the blue. The member will be asked to try to retrieve items lost, but nothing else. It is suggested that you avoid flagging criminal because you put everyone at risk. Try to make  your enemy flag. It is also decreed that "reds" that are GLA are not to be attacked as criminals.  In any situation it would be up to the individual member to decide weather or not to attack and kill a blue player. He alone has to bear the responsibility for his actions and if he/she chooses not to attack or kill a blue player regardless of what scoundrels they are then other members in the alliance are to respect this decision just the same as if another member chooses to kill and go red in the name of the cause. Both decisions and actions should be accepted.

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