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VII) Suspending new membership
It has been decreed with a vote of 8-0 this day that the Great Lakes Alliance (GLA) will suspend all new membership of guilds into the alliance until which time it has been decided that we have fully organized to be able to handle the new members fairly.  This has been amended to allow further member guilds to join.

VIII) Justice Committee 
Responsibilities of the committee would be to insure problems are dealt with in a timely manner 
and that judgments are both fair and carried out.

IX) Valor
Valor is defined as bold determination in the face of danger.

GLA path: No member of GLA is to leave another member stranded in a fight without doing all he or she can to help. If the need arises to retreat then the retreat must be sounded and an effort to 
get all members and their belongings off the field of battle. Valor is not blind determination 
so if a member decides to remain in the fight after the retreat has been sounded then they are 
on their own. Furthermore, if we see people of the realm in need of our assistance we will do 
all in our power to help them.

X) Spirituality
Spirituality is defined as the quality or fact of being spiritual, defined as having to do with 
the spirit or soul, as distinguished from physical nature; pertaining to sacred matters; 

GLA Path: This is an embodiment of all the virtues. GLA members are to pledge their adherence 
to the virtues as the "religion" of our alliance. We are to do all we can to preserve the 
beliefs. By committing to GLA you commit to virtue.

XI) Sacrifice
Sacrifice is defined as the surrender or destruction of something valued for the sake of 
something having a higher or more pressing claim.

GLA Path: We are to aid our brothers and sisters when in need of our money, equipment, or time. 
We will drop our own needs at a time of distress to aid those in need. This does not mean to 
help those that are lazy because we do not want to promote slothful people. However, a newly 
raised person needs clothing, food, and equipment. A newbie needs guidance and our wisdom. 
Our brothers and sisters need our time and commitment. 

XII) Justice
Justice is defined as the quality of being just; righteousness; equitableness, or moral 
rightness; lawfulness.

GLA Path: Moral rightness is sometimes not UO rightness with regard to flagging. No member of 
GLA is to attack reds or grays merely for the color they flag. We are to investigate the reason 
for their color and if necessary exact justice to what is moral. We are to aid those attacked by 
murderers, robbed by thieves, or scammed by the dishonest in serving justice. Justice is not 
revenge, but a rendering of judgment for a wrong. Once the new patch comes for flagging there 
will be no reason to ever attack a blue except in extreme circumstances i.e. house looting after 
the fact or attempts to steal your boat. Words are not reason enough for a fight.

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