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XXI) Requirements to chair a committee
Each committee chairperson must hold whatever meetings are necessary with those serving on 
his/her committee each month for the purpose of planning and carrying out the responsibilities 
of the committee. Each committee Chairperson will provide an update as to their committee’s status and progress at the GLA meeting. They will keep their comments to the allotted time of 5 minutes unless otherwise arranged before hand with the meeting Chairperson.

XXII) Meeting Committee
Responsibilities: To organize a monthly meeting for GLA which includes; a written agenda to be 
sent out to all members, organize all committee chairpersons to present their committees present 
status and plans at each meeting. To conduct a formal meeting where all are required to follow 
meeting procedures. 

XXIII) Merchant/Crafter's Committee
Responsibilities: to repair weapons, help provide armor, weapons, bows, arrows, food or 
what ever the war council or alliance needs. To help with events, or training by GM craftsmen 
to those in training for a craft. 

XXIV) 911 Committee
Responsibilities: maintain icq numbers, setup standard operating procedures on a call, establish guidelines on when a call is made, how it is made, to who it is made, etc. Will work closely with the war council

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