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XIII) Humility
Humility is defined as the quality or state of being humble, defined as not proud or arrogant, modest; courteously respectful.

GLA Path: GLA members are to uphold a personality that reflects the above definition. We are not 
to "trash" talk. We are to give due respect to people in all situations.

XIV) Honor
Honor is defined as honesty, fairness, integrity in one's beliefs and actions.

GLA Path: The definition speaks for itself. When we dishonor ourselves we in turn dishonor GLA. 
We are all representatives of the virtues and our honor is the honor of GLA and all its members.

XV) Honesty
Honesty is defined as uprightness, integrity; truthfulness, sincerity; freedom from deceit or 

GLA Path: We are to be honest in all our actions and words. We will not deceive people in the 
attempt to have a gain in any situation. This includes being honest with even our enemies. 
Honesty is our honor as well.

XVI) Compassion
Compassion is defined as a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering; mercy.

GLA Path: This goes hand in hand with sacrifice. GLA members are to aid not only our brothers 
and sisters, but all people of GL shard.

XVII) All required to vote and serve
Every GM in GLA should be present and voting on the boards, or send a representative of his or 
her guild to do so for them. Any guild that neglects this responsibility should be sent two 
reminders, then a warning of membership status termination. If there isn't involvement after 
these things are done. Then the guild should no longer remain a member to GLA but be put in an 
"associate to GLA status". We would remain in good relations with them but they would no longer 
have the recognition and responsibilities of a GLA membership.

XVIII) Public Relations Committee
Responsibilities: Inform the public of GLA issues as well as keep the members informed. To make 
sure that the public board is always answered. Handle any dealings with other guilds if the need 
arises. An ambassador of sorts of GLA.

XIX) War Council
Responsibilities: Handle all issues regarding pvp i.e. training, rules of engagement, etc.

XX) Events Committee
Responsibilities: In charge of scheduling of all GLA events and helping in preparation in them. All events are to go through this committee and the chair is to work with this site administrator, namely Darian, to get it posted here as well as other places that people
may be able to read about the events. All events should get at least a 1-week preparation

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