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By-Laws of the Silent Wolf Pride Guild
Charter:  Respect your elders, teach the young, coorperate with the pack.  Play when you can, hunt when you have to, rest in between.  Share your affection, voice your feelings, leave your mark.

I.  Respect your elders:
 A.  Chain of Command
      1.  Neve DeLeon - Guildmistress
      2.  Kaleel DeLeon - Head of High Council
      3.  High Council:  Hasek, Blastios, Kyla, Deke, and Lester Drake (AKA Jenner)

 B.  Special Conditions
      1.  Treasure Hunts - On treasure hunts, Teak is in charge.  Even above the command of the guildmistress.

II.  Teach the young:
 A.  Probationary period
      1.  Once a candidate has applied to be in guild, said candidate must read and agree to by-laws.
      2.  Upon admittance, candidate is at that point a "young wolf cub" and will have 3 chances.  If said candidate cannot follow rules, and High Council has to report that person 3 times, candidate is out of guild.
      3.  If candidate is kicked out after 3 tries, they can re-apply but before admittance, will have to converse with guildmistress as to why they violated by-laws.
      4.  If candidate is kicked out again, they will have to seek guild membership with another guild.

 B.    Teaching
      1.  New guild members should have the advantage of learning a variety of things.  All new members should attend guild hunts, if possible (ie. Treasure hunts, SOS's, House looking, and um... HIDE GATHERING!)

III.  Cooperate with the pack:
 A.  Under no circumstances will we put each other down, especially where skills and status is concerned.  Our focus is to help each other, not to hurt.
 B.  We will not put other guilds down.  If we have problems with individuals, we will discuss it with said individuals. (Beware, I tend to go on a rampage when pissed, so just let me at them! *G*)
 C.  On treasure hunts and SOSs , we split loot evenly, unless the map was bought by an individual.  Then, said individual gets what he wants, and after paying the hunter, divies up what he doesn't want among others on the hunt.  Treasure hunter returns his fees to the guild in exchange for more picks and maps.    Remember, these hunts can be profitable, but keep in mind to have fun before profit!

IV.  Play when you can:
 A.  Remember our main focus of playing is to have fun.  This means hunting for fun, sparring, and basic practical jokes and talking.
 B.  One thing we need to watch out for is sparring while on treasure hunts!  This can be very dangerous since when sparring we don't watch who else is around.  Therefore, while outside of town, our shoppe, or soon... our house, let's keep sparring to a minimum.  I for one wouldn't not want to get killed cause we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves. :o)

V.  Rest in between:
 A. Need I say more?

VI.  Share your affection:
 A.  Be proud of who you are!  If you are in town and are asked what SWP stands for, say it with pride! :o)
 B.  Because we are a pack, we are family.  When one's skills go up and they boast, congratulate them as you would wish to be congratulated!

VII.  Voice your feelings:
 A.  Even though, there is a chain of command, this guild would be nothing without you!  Let us know what you are thinking, how we can make the guild better, and any other concerns you might have.

IIX.  Leave your mark:
 A.  Okay, this doesn't mean peeing in the guild shop.  This means that if you meet someone you think would be good for the guild, invite them in!  Let's spread the word we are out there!!